Privacy Policy

Scope of the Image-Search Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of contains the information acquired by us through your use of our services. The utilization of explained terms in our privacy policy stated will have the explanation given for those terms in the "Terms of Service".".

What Information Does Our Tool Collect from me?

When a user interacts with our site/services, we may collect information like your email address, name when you will contact us for giving some suggestions, or if you have any complaints regarding our services.

Image Data Security at Image-Search.Org

Our valued users' privacy is the most important thing for us, and we strive hard to fulfill this responsibility. All the images you upload on our site for the image search are removed from the servers within a few hours. We don't keep any of your images in any case. Also, we will never use or share your images with any third party for any reason.

How Long Are Pictures Stored in the Databases of our Tool?

We make sure that the secrecy of our users' data is never compromised. Therefore, all the pictures you upload on our service will be erased within a few hours. We will not hold your personal data in our database.

Facing Any Problem with This Tool?

If you find any problem in using our services, detect some glitches, or want to give some suggestions, then you are more than welcome to let us know about your queries. You can contact us by sending an email at [email protected].

Third-Party Service

We at will not have any control over other businesses or services, including other websites, services, and applications. We take no responsibility for your data theft on any third-party website or application. However, it is important to state our privacy disclosure here that we do not sell, trade your Personally Identifiable Information to outside parties.

Fillout™ Google Workspace APIs Limited Use of User Data

Fillout's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google Workspace APIs will adhere to Google Workspace APIs User Data and Developer Policy. User data obtained through Google Workspace APIs will not be used to develop, improve, or train generalized AI and/or machine learning models.