By Admin September 14, 2021

Content theft has become a common problem these days, and most people don’t know how they can protect their personal and confidential data from these hackers. Hundreds of copycats eagerly wait for posts from well-known content creators to steal their creative work and replicate it on their own platforms without giving them any credits. These spammers don’t avoid such illegal practice even after getting caught, as they start looking for new targets simultaneously.  If you are also tired of trying new ways to protect images or find the sites using your created art-work without permission, then this article is undoubtedly for you.

We are going to discuss a few ways through which you can minimize blog image theft. Let’s talk about them without any further boring explanation. 

Examine The Web

Every one of us Googles a lot of things on the web to meet our personal or professional needs. The easy access to the web and the modern innovation made it easy for everyone to search for all the information they want. The first thing that you should opt for, to discover the sites that are using your images illegally by exploring the web by yourself. You may have to check various online platforms to discover your images. However, this method may require ample time and effort to get accurate results. 

Get Assistance from Google Reverse Image Search

Google is the biggest search engine that provides all its users a chance to search anything from the web. Just like many other facilities, Google provides you with an easy way to detect any image. You can get assistance from the reverse photo lookup utility of Google to detect the sources using your blog images without consent. The only thing you need to do for conducting this task is to upload the image you want to search. Google will dig deep into its servers and find all the sources that have similar images you are searching for in a fraction of seconds.

Use Specialized Photo Lookup Tools

If you want better and 100% accurate results, then it is suggested to use an effective online facility that is built particularly for this purpose. The internet is full of online facilities that provide you with a great opportunity to explore blog images without requiring any hard steps to follow. You can get your hands on the advanced image search tool to get the best results. The online tool will let you find all the sites that contain your blog images without following any intricate process. The best thing about these online photo lookup facilities is that you will get the results derived from all the major search engines including Google, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, etc. A user doesn’t need to go through any sign-up procedure or buy any subscription to use these online facilities. These tools will check your queried images through all the leading search engines and gives you the best output within no time.


The traditional ways of finding any image over the web weren’t an easy chore, as you might have had to go through many hectic steps for this purpose. The use of an online photo lookup facility will enable you to find different versions & sources of an image, or discover the information related to any image over the web with a few taps on your device easily.